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5-axis water jet cutting.  

The main feature of our Water jet Machine is the 5-axis cutting head. Not only can you cut chamfered edges but, also edges that are helix shape like you would see in the shape of an impeller. This machine keeps surprising us as to the versatility and quality that it continues to cut.

Material Cut to date: 1" - 5" 316L S.S., 4" 304 S.S., 2" 5052 Aluminum,1/2" 3003 Aluminum, 2-1/2"A36 Steel, 1/8" Carbon, 1-1/2" AR400, 2" UHMW High Density, 1/4" plexi-glass,  3/4" plywood, 1" Brass, 2" Insulation Foam, 1/2" & 2" polyethylene Plastic, 1/2" Brake Pad composite.

We can hold .003 on material's at 1-3/4" thick and lower, .005 on 2" thick and higher. The cut edge of alloy material's have not be altered by heat, such as in Laser & Plasma Cutting, which makes edge quality for machining perfect. We can save your company hours and in some cases day's of machining by "rough cutting" parts down within .125 and you start right up machining that part to finish. Time is saved for quick turn around and money is saved in labor, machine wear and tear, & tooling cost. Wet Jet Cutting is truly changing the way material fabrication and machining is being done today.

Rubinger’s Manufacturing Company is  home of the largest FLOW MACH 4 cutting work envelope in all the southeastern United States with a 13’-1” X 20'-0” cutting area and 87,000 psi cutting pumps.

We have added another FLOW water jet machine on the shop floor. 2-D cutting only and hold's all the great quality as the 5-axis machine.

Do you have questions on the capabilities of the FLOW MACH 4, please email your questions to and I will reply. We look forward to hearing from you. Till next time, Good Day.